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 I              my Branded Boss Lady Sessions!
Not only do I meet extraordinarily talented entrepreneurial women, but I learn and share in WHO they are as business owners, wives, mothers and creatives. Each boss lady is inspiring!

that will help you stand out online

Brand Photography


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I need  personalized stock images as well as images of myself that I can fill my social media accounts, website, course pages, Pinterest and more! 

 I want to have images crafted just for me that I can use over the next year and beyond! 


I need images for an about me section, email signature, press release or speaker introduction.

As well as images for social media, my new course pages or a beautiful library of images to create content over the next 6 months. 

But, I also need images of myself creating what I make and some images of the product that I sell.  



is  a great fit! 

A headshot session

I need images for an about me section, email signature, press release or speaker introduction.

As well as images for social media, my new course pages or a beautiful library of images to create content over the next 6 months. 

 is best for you! 

Start here 

I need images for an about me section, email signature, press release or speaker introduction.

Which session is best for you? 

is perfect for what you need! 

is your jam! 

I need more! 

I need more! 

I need more! 

FOLLOW THESE Five EASY STEPS TO get started making BRAND STORY Magic!

You will have access to my virtual client lounge which is loaded with tons of tips to prep and get ready for your brand session.

We will also make a shared Pinterest board to share thoughts on visuals, outfits, poses and locations you may love. 

Start prepping your outfits and accessories and sourcing your props for your session. 

I will make a custom session plan and send it over with brand outline, shot list and timeline for your session day

This is the fun part! Planning your mood board, sourcing props,  prepping outfits and accessories 

Step three: Plan it

Super easy, relaxed and fun. I will show you how to position and pose to look your best. I will style the studio to create a cohesive look with your personal brand and I will cheer you on the entire time!!  

Session day, this is going to be SO much fun!!

Step four- Session day, yay!

After your session you will receive your sneak peeks and  proof gallery within 48 hours.  Final images will be edited and delivered within 10 days of making your final picks. 

You go posting your images, add them to your website and get those big sales. 

Heck to the yes!!

Now it's time to SHARE! 

Step five: Image delivery 

Be the face of your brand, show what makes you unique and stand out in a crowded market place. 

show your audience how you're different.

You will be proud to show your beautiful face and this incredible brand that you have worked so hard to build. 

a level of confidence you didn't know existed.

The days of searching for what images to post are over! You will have a gorgeous curated gallery of images to choose from that are SO YOU! 

never wonder what to post on ig again.

How Brand Photography Changes Your Business...

Beautiful images sell more..IT'S A FACT!
You shop online right? What is the deciding factor on the product you are buying? It's the images! Make your images work for you 24/7 buy selling your product or services when you a sipping on some champagne! 

Make more money!

Be the one that stands out and shows up! Being consistent with your brand visuals and voice will help your brand become more visible and you will become the authority in your profession. 

Improve brand visibility and authority

Create a connection with your potential and current clients. Customers and clients like to know the face behind the brand. Help them build that connection through brand images. 

Creates a connection  

— Ashlyn 

" This is one of the most fun days we had as business owners! Building a brand is one of the greatest investments you can make."

— Heather 

"Hiring Amalie to shoot branding photos for my business was hands down one of the best decisions I made!"

"Working with Amalie was truly amazing. The entire process from booking my branding session to the actual shoot day was very easy and stress-free. Amalie provided so many detailed instructions to help me prepare for my shoot. The photos taken were exactly what I was looking for to represent my brand. Thank you so much for an incredible experience." 

— Monique

"Exactly what I was looking for to represent my brand!"

I pride myself in providing a customized experience that gives my clients bright, joy filled, true to life images that can be used in countless ways to up-level their business and brand. By creating a cache of stunning storytelling images that they can use beyond their social sites and their website to connect with their ideal client or customer and create a professional and recognizable brand. 

I am excited to learn about my clients WHY. The why behind their business and brand and what motivates them. Knowing my clients why helps me photograph and style images for female business owners and entrepreneurs to showcase their unique brand and personal style. These images represent their work, their lives, and their passions in business. I want to encourage and motivate other female entrepreneurs and makers to live out their dreams and to get their brand and business noticed and appreciated by their ideal clients! Working with creative business owners, who have a BIG love for helping others with their services or products they have created lights me up inside! 
I am a connector and I love learning about my clients business and sharing who they are and what they do in their community. Everything in life is about personal connections, relationships and finding your people. I love helping my clients find their tribe personally and professionally though their stories and brand visuals!
Having a background in fashion and wedding photography has given me an edge to posing my clients to look and feel confident and joyful. As well as to have an eye for detail in style and design when helping my clients plan wardrobe, props or personalize flat lays specific to their unique business. Think of me as your personal art director and brand specialist rolled into one!

I'm Amalie — brand photographer, hype gal behind the camera and cheerleader for all boss gals! 

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Level up your brand!