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Hi I am Amalie! I am the owner, lead photographer, stylist, marketing coach and lead boss lady here at The Branded Boss Lady. I am first and foremost a mom to two amazing, compassionate and wildly creative kids. Wife to a spectacular guy that is a firefighter and mental health advocate. He cheers me on with all of my crazy ideas. Fun fact, my husband and I went to elementary, middle and high school together. We have been married for 18 years and live right down the street from where we grew up in Longwood, Florida. 

I have a huge heart for community and for helping others discover their talents and strengths within their business. While working in the wedding industry, as a photographer for the past ten years, I also worked one on one with others in the industry offering business coaching sessions. In these sessions, I would teach others how to build SEO through publications and blogging, how to use social media to gain momentum in client leads and booking, and how to create a cohesive workflow process when working with clients and vendors. 

It was in these sessions, coupled with genuine conversations, that I realized many of these "bosses" have a strong skill or service and magnetic personality. But many of them found that translating those skills into a cohesive brand that captured all of these elements, still remained a bit of a mystery or challenge. I knew that capturing these amazing entrepreneurs and their brand while maintaining their unique identity, on a personal level, was pivotal in fostering a relationship with their clients and audience. And this is where the Branded Boss Lady was born. 

Now is the time to take your business to the next level by being proud of what you do, share your accomplishments, and showcase your gorgeous self! Let me help you stand out in a crowded marketplace by elevating your visual online presence! Together we will create a library of purpose filled imagery so you can get back to serving your clients and customers and stop looking for what images to post. I love connecting with my community and other talented women through these sessions and I cannot wait to get to know YOU! 


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 I pride myself in providing a customized experience that gives my clients bright, joy filled, true to life images that can be used in countless ways to up-level their business and brand. By creating a cache of stunning storytelling images that they can use beyond their social sites and website to connect with their ideal client or customer and create a professional and recognizable brand. 

I am excited to learn about my clients WHY.  The why behind their business and brand and what motivates them. Knowing my clients why helps me photograph and style images for female business owners and entrepreneurs to showcase their unique brand and personal style.  These images represent their work, their lives, and their passions in business. I want to encourage and motivate other female entrepreneurs and makers to live out their dreams and to get their brand and business noticed and appreciated by their ideal clients! Working with creative business owners, who have a BIG love for helping others with their services or products they have created lights me up inside! 
I am a connector and I love learning about my clients business and sharing who they are and what they do with others. Everything in life is about personal connections, relationships and finding your people. I love helping my clients find their tribe personally and professionally though their stories and brand visuals!
Having a background in fashion and wedding photography has given me an edge to posing my clients to look and feel confident and joyful. As well as to have an eye for detail in style and design when helping my clients plan wardrobe, props or personalize flat lays specific to their unique business. Think of me as your personal art director and brand specialist rolled into one!

 I have a one of a kind and information packed online client lounge and Facebook group dedicated to my branding clients. In these spots I get to build relationships with my clients before our shoot and walk them through on what to wear, accessories to choose, how to pick their perfect location for their session and more. 
I LOVE my Branded Boss Lady Sessions! Not only do I meet extraordinarily talented entrepreneurial women, but I learn and share in WHO they are as business owners, wives, mothers, and creatives. Each boss lady is inspiring! The Branded Boss Lady session is all about the boss gals, the female entrepreneurs, bloggers and small business owners.
 If you are a maker and sell physical or digital products, you will have a set of images to help you showcase your products in the best possible light. If you're ready to invest in bringing your brand to life with a whole lot of pretty The Branded Boss Lady service is for you!

You are so very important to me and I can't wait to hear from you!!

frequently asked


A beautiful image of you should convey your brand values and portray the right first impression of you and your business within seconds of your prospects connecting with you online as it enables them to start building trust with you without even having met you in person. Your images are your online marketing agent 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Let that sink in!! Your images are there to market and sell for you when you are cozy sleeping in your bed! 

Your brand images should show your vibrant personality and unique style! Branding images also encourage confidence and trust in you and the product or service you are offering because you are showing who you are not just what you do and what you are selling. Personal branding also develops the uniqueness of your service. From photographers, business and life coaches, planners, mental health advocates and artists, people want to connect with you and your brand and having beautiful images of yourself offers that connection.


The Branded Boss Lady Sessions are…for the ladies (sorry guys, we know you want to look good too!), with a focus on confidence and personal expression.

I want my boss ladies to feel beautiful and proud of who they are and what they have accomplished. These sessions are for bloggers, artists, makers, coaches, counselors, photographers, and any business owners who want to rock their brand and show their bada** selves!


We want to make sure we represent your authentic self in each of your images. If you're ready to rock out, EMAIL ME HERE.  I will then set up a day we can have a quick phone call to make sure we are a great fit.

From there, I will send you a questionnaire to find out more about you, the specifics of your brand, your personal style, and expectations you have of our work together. I can also connect you with my own team of boss ladies who work alongside me to create your overall look and photo presence. From hair and make-up to wardrobe styling, we want you to feel and look phenomenal at your session. 

I AM NOT A MODEL, Will you help me pose?

I’ve been photographing branding sessions for over four years so know that you’re in GREAT hands.
I know just how to make sure you’re comfortable, look great, feel confident and LOVE the whole experience! 

I know that we are not all experienced models, don't stress that is what I am here for. I will coach you though posing down to your fingertips and capture your most beautiful and radiant self. I will be your personal cheerleading hype girl and help guide you through.


This session is for the innovators, the ladies making moves and making things happen. Great for the mental health counselors, planners, shop owners, coaches, designers, business ladies and all in between. Your session will include: 25 high resolution and fully edited images from your session delivered via online gallery cloud storage site (can be used for website/shop headers, blog posts, social media posts, marketing materials, prints and more).  Collaboration and consultation on image contents. Hair & makeup NOT INCLUDED 


This session is for the makers, crafters and artists that want to show themselves and their personalized products.  Let's showcase you doing what you do.  Your session will include: 25 high resolution and fully edited images from your session delivered via online gallery cloud storage site (can be used for website/shop headers, blog posts, social media posts, marketing materials, prints and more). Collaboration and consultation on image contents. 
AND... 20 high resolution product images. for you to use on your website, social media and online shop.. These images will help to enhance your online presence and brand recognition and show your personal style. Imagine a set of images custom styled just for your business with curated props in your brand colors to help tell the story of your brand. You can create a beautiful online presence that is polished and one of a kind as you and your brand.
Hair & makeup NOT INCLUDED 

Great for the gals that want new fresh, updated and modern images for their social sites and about me page. Session will take place at my natural light studio. Your session includes: 8 high resolution edited images delivered via online gallery. Images will be proofed the day after your session, final edits ready in 72 hrs. after your picks are made. 2 wardrobe looks for your session. Session is 30 minutes. Hair & makeup NOT INCLUDED 

ADD ON: Hair & makeup $150
ADD ON: Business partner session $350 (must be same day and time)
 ADD ON: Branded styling session with Leah Lou to select two styled looks for your session $200 
Your personal style says a lot about who you are and how you feel about yourself. Leah empowers dynamic women to connect with their creativity and develop a style that is as unique and whole as they are. She seeks to remove stress by utilizing clothing and accessories that you already own and providing versatility within your wardrobe. This means no frantic mall trips, just time with Leah in your own closet, discovering new perspectives. A styled photography session is an opportunity for you to convey and connect your message, your brand, and your personality through what you wear. By putting you in something that looks great, moves well, and showcases the talented woman you are, your confidence will shine through.
 STYLING INCLUDES: Planning and Execution of 2 full looks | Email communication and preparation for the shoot | Consultation at your home to determine what pieces you have, try things on, and physically pull outfits for your shoot Day-of photo shoot support | Clothing will be steamed and photo-ready with accessories laid out | Rolling rack available for hanging clothing and organizing your belongings | On-site and in-the-moment adjustment of clothing and accessories + finishing touch

the extras 

the innovator experience  

The maker experience 

the IN studio headshot refresh

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This is for the gals that want it all! We work together to get your brand message on point and create a strategic approach to market your message through brand visuals, personally planned and styled by me. I will help identify your ideal client and a strategy to reach them. Plan and style your session, create images that support your brand. Full brand guide to help you plan for your session, what to bring, tips on preparing, wardrobe tips and picks, accessory guide, location picks and timeline with shot list.  Collaboration and consultation on image contents. 
Session includes 4 hours of shoot time 150 images, 30 minute phone consult & planning session, timeline, shot list, location picks.
Hair & makeup NOT INCLUDED 


follow these Five easy steps to getting a gorgeous brand story 

Contact me via email (click here) or text (407.718.4469) 

We will set up a date to chat. Will will go over what your needs are for your brand visual story.

This brand discovery call is usually about 30-45 minutes 

Phone call or Zoom call chat to chat brand visual strategy. 

On your call we will discuss places to do you session, what to wear, what to bring and overall look for your brand visuals. 

The easiest part of this process...Book your session!

Click here to pick your session and session date.

See I told you, easy right?! 

You will have access to my virtual client lounge which is loaded with tons of tips to prep for your brand session. 

We will also make a shared Pinterest board to share thoughts on visuals, outfits and locations you may love. 

Session day, SO much fun!! After your session you will receive your proof gallery within 48 hours and final images within 10 days. 

You go posting your images, add them to your website and get those big sales. 

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